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Ways CBD Can Help In Generalized Anxiety Disorder

It is absolutely normal to experience anxiety about things that matter like your finances, job security or having a tiff with someone very close. But how normal it is to worry about your finances many times a day or continuously for months without any break. This can occur even when you think that there is no such imminent reason to overthink that way. That’s exactly what persons having Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) do. They worry frantically about general situations and happenings in an uncontrolled manner. Such excessive, unfounded worry can become scary and even intervene with daily work and different relationships.

Also at times called chronic anxiety neurosis, GAD sufferers often report that they remain “always worried”. This worry can be almost every single day continuing for six months. GAD can manifest in both mental and physical forms. If you are afflicted by worry which is beyond proportion and is typical of what generally accompanies GAD, you can even stay awake during the night after watching a local news report related to some health scare elsewhere outside the country worrying that either you or your family can get affected by it.

Do You Experience These Symptoms Of GAD

  • A continuous state of worry
  • Unable to relax or take pleasure in quiet moments
  • Muscle stress or body soreness
  • Feeling tense
  • Dodge away from stressful situations
  • A problem in concentrating or retaining focus on things
  • Cannot tolerate uncertainty- always wanting to know what will happen and the way it is about to happen
  • A perpetual feeling of shudder and apprehension
  • Feeling troubled and devastated and refraining from situations due to it
  • Intrusive thoughts that make you worry about things that you make an effort to not think about at all
  • Feeling that your emotions are no longer under your control and worry constantly-nothing can give you peace of mind
  • A highly disturbed sleep or complete sleep deprivation due to a constant condition of worry
  • Feeling restless or nervous and on edge
  • Stomach upset with a feeling of nausea as well as diarrhea
  • Exhausting and tiring easily
  • Heart palpitations- making you feel as if your heartbeat is racing
  • Shaking or trembling
  • Dry mouth and perspiring
  • Feverish heat or Cold chills
  • Experiencing a lump inside your throat
  • Dullness or tingling feel
  • Constant irritability

To get classified as a GAD sufferer, you must be undergoing a state of persistent worry with regard to various situations daily for a minimum of six months. Additionally, you have to experience a minimum of the following three out of the six symptoms given below:
Muscle tension
Problem in concentrating
Easily tired
Disturbed sleep
Restlessness or experiencing unusual irritability

Such mental health problems can also be triggered by hereditary, behavioral or even growth factors. Physiologically speaking, GAD has close links with an interruption inside the functional network of the emotional regulatory site of our brain known as the amygdala. GAD also has connections with the manner in which amygdala processes the emotions of fear, stress, and anxiety. Furthermore, substance abuse over a long period can also raise the possibility of GAD, as the consumption of benzodiazepines, alcohol or tobacco can make your anxiety levels turn worse.

CBD A Natural Remedy For GAD

Anxiety can also generate a wide gamut of physical manifestations, which can become crippling for persons prone to anxiety. CBD has been well-recognized to present a range of positive effects on such physical symptoms related to anxiety which has brought life-changing improvements in anxiety sufferers.

CBD Helps To Alleviate Physical Symptoms Of Anxiety

CBD acts as a muscle relaxant and lowers down tension. Moreover, due to its antiemetic qualities, it can provide huge relief from nausea and vomiting and also problems relating to bowel all resulting from severe anxiety.
The influence of CBD in alleviating migraines is well-known and it can relieve headaches and dull, tingling sensations radiating in the hands from bouts of anxiety. In addition, CBD can also scale down various phobias and learned fears.

CBD Impacts Anxiety-Controlling Receptors

CBD communicates with the numerous receptors and ion channels situated in different areas of our brain and also with the neurons inside the CNS, that control fear and stress. Though cannabidiol does not directly attach itself upon the receptor CB1 as THC, CBD communicates allosterically with CB1 that is it alters the shape of the concerned receptor in a manner that weakens or dilutes the ability of CB1 to attach with THC.

CB1 receptor

When stimulated, the endocannabinoid receptor CB1 safeguards the body to counter chronic stress and mitigate fear and also anxiety This receptor positions itself upon the neurons that generate glutamate, a strong excitatory neurotransmitter that is discharged by the nerve cells within our brain that transmit signals among nerve cells and promote memory and also learning. Upon activation, CB1 restricts the discharge of glutamate by the neuron which helps to regulate the excitatory state. CBD triggers indirectly CB1 by assisting our body to generate the compound that stimulates CB1. Lowering the action of glutamate the neurotransmitter that excites, CBD aids in alleviating anxiety and mental stress.

CBD Triggers The 5-HT1A Receptor

The serotonin receptor, 5-HT1A helps in ameliorating anxiety and scales down the body’s reaction to chronic anxiety and stress. These receptors are situated on neurons which are responsible for indicating the discharge of serotonin. When triggered by CBD, our body reacts by augmenting the serotonin levels and thereby raising the sense of well being and fulfillment, and lowering anxiety.

TRPV1 Receptor

These receptors can modulate our pain responses towards inflammation and various impulses. In fibromyalgia and various severe pain syndromes, the body becomes hyper-susceptible to general stimuli. Such a state of hyper-responsiveness heightens anxiety. By triggering the capsaicin receptor or TRPV1 receptor CBD can bring down anxiety stemming out from inflammation and aches.

The Impact Of CBD On Our Limbic System

A powerful means through which CBD can lower anxiety is by decreasing the blood flow towards the spots inside our brain that are linked with emotions and urges called the limbic mechanism or system. Various studies have hinted at the potential of CBD to impact regions associated with emotions like fear and anxiety thereby minimizing the activity produced in these regions that led to better coordinated emotional responses.

CBD Safeguards Our Brain

A well-recognized neuroprotectant, and also patented by the federal government due to it’s antioxidant and neuroprotective properties CBD safeguards the brain tissue from impairment. As emotions like anxiety are modulated by brain activity, a healthy and robust brain is crucial for anxiety management.

One of the influential way in which CBD secures brain tissue by impacting the generation and working of cells that cause inflammation. As an antioxidant CBD strengthens the blood-brain hurdle which conserves the brain from the risks of toxins, harmful bacteria, and free radicals. An unstable composition of brain chemicals, inflammation, harmful free radicals, over-triggering, and uncontrolled cell growth all facilitate anxiety.

Final Thought

CBD has surfaced as a well-tolerated natural remedy for anxiety alleviation and prevention of panic attacks. A safe compound with zero side effects even when ingested at high dosages and nil psychoactivity has made it a much sought after organic therapy that can promote healthy brain working and dilute anxiety.

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